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Summary of the Book “Revolutionary Psychology” by Samael Aun Weor

  Summary of the Book Revolutionary Psychology
  Summary of the Book Fundamental Education
  Summary of the Book
Revolution of the Dialectic
  Summary of the Book
Introduction to Gnosis
  Summary of the Book
The Great Rebellion
  Summary of the Book
The Greater Mysteries

We must desire real change, to leave behind this boring routine, this purely mechanical, tiring life…

The meaning of the work on oneself is to dissolve the psychological “I”, to disintegrate its undesirable elements; this is urgent, undeletable, must not be postponed. We can never set the Essence free without having previously disintegrated the psychological “I”.

All the information we need for the Intimate Self-Realization of the Being: Religion, The Budha, Wisdom, the particles of pain of “our Father who art in Heaven”, is found within the Essence.

The freed essence bestows upon us inner beauty. From such beauty emanates perfect happiness and true love.

We must consider life as a succession of internal states. An authentic history of our own personal life is made up of these stats. ON reviewing the totality of our own existence, we can verify for ourselves, in a direct manner, that many unpleasant situations were made possible because of wrong internal states.

When we “die in our selves”, when we dissolve the “psychological I”, we enjoy the precious senses and powers of the Essence.

The existence of one who dies without having known the purpose of his life, is tragic. Each one of us must discover by himself the purpose of his own life, that which keeps him a prisoner incarcerated by pain…

We must never forget that hypocrisy and the silly vanities of the false personality make us torpid, spoiled, sluggish, reactionary people, incapable of seeing the new.

The school of practical life is formidable, but to take it as an end in itself is manifestly absurd.

People do not want to realize that vegetating is not living, and that the capacity to exist consciously depends exclusively on the quality of the internal states of the soul.

Anyone can develop a rich intellectual culture, but there are very few people who have learned to live honorably.

When someone wants to disassociate external events from the internal states of consciousness, he clearly demonstrates his incapacity to live with dignity. Those who learn how to consciously combine external events with internal states will advance the path of success.


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