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Like a thunderbolt in the midst of a storm, among the roaring of the centuries, of history and ideologies, the extraordinary figure of a unique personage appeared in the middle of the 20th century, a personage who was united to the most profound of the practical Hermeticism and to the unfathomable metaphysical doctrines of the East and of the West.

Although it is true that, in alchemical terms, all the human beings and all the races are but the evolution of the cosmic sperm, continually being recycled in the egg of nature,  laboriously seeking to produce new and more sublime fruits in its infinite iterations and distillations, resulting in Solar human beings, or living Philosophical Stones, it is also true that Samael Aun Weor is, for this generation and future millenary generations, a splendid expression of those mysterious electrical forces, spermatic and igneous, which escape, like the mythical Prometheus, from the bosom of the Sacred Absolute Abstract Space at times very distanced from each other, in order to bring, like the Olympic Hermes, new and more irrefutable messages that contain the most exalted secrets of the Cosmos and of the enigmatic dwellings of the children of fire.

Yes, Samael Aun Weor (“Divine Word”, according to the phonetic kabbalistic tradition, or “Justice of God”, according to the orthodoxy of Hebraic texts) came back to inhabit

again the waves of existence, the spheres of the Aeons, the rounds of crystallisation of matter, in order to adopt, with the aid of the cosmic womb, a human vehicle that had its destiny fixed on this bizarre planet, where people have forgotten the existence of God and have maliciously separated themselves from the principles that rule the laws and which originated the universe and all that it contains, with the ensuing degeneration resulting from ignorance and from the malignant mark of physical and spiritual vacuity.

Who is this man, who travelled whole countries as an austere pilgrim or hermit, only carrying in his pockets symbols and alchemical formulae, which would later become treatises of transcendental sexology, natural medicine, Eastern psychology, anthropology, or sociology, that had never before been brought forward and which are applicable only to future humankinds, owing to the deterioration of our current society, which is used only to the worship of filthy lucre?

Who or what was and is hidden behind the frown that, like a legendary Leonardo da Vinci, scrutinises matter, anti-matter, the suns, the worlds and the galaxies, extracting from them secrets hitherto ignored by the know-alls of the physics, chemistry, geometry, logics and statistics of nowadays.

What is the strange gift or power that allows this human figure to continue, after having disincarnated in 1977, to appear to his disciples by using hyperdimensional corridors, or parallel universes, that had been adumbrated only by somebody like Einstein or Hinton, in order to take his message not only to all continents but also, fantastic as it may sound, to the stars or spheres of action of the spirits dressed in gold in their dressings of the soul?

What is the energy that animated the plume of this most Venerable Master of the Order of St. John, leading him to produce a doctrine that is complete and absolutely practical and developed in more than sixty works that are interconnected like a carrousel of increasingly refined octaves and which range from small pamphlets to volumes over 500 pages, works in which the place of every word and letter is mathematically established and has an extraordinary logic?

How can this personage be defined, who was able to walk the streets crowded with asleep people and filled with noise and with engines expelling asphyxiating fumes, at the same time as he kept his heart, his mind, his spirit and his morale connected with special higher strata that gave him the capacity of predicting, just as he was eating an ice-cream, all kinds of world events and, as if this were not enough, who could afford himself the luxury of conversing with the dogs and the birds, communicating perfectly to such creatures of that other kingdom all his preoccupations and concerns?

How can such a being be classified, who would turn into immediate, unexpected solutions even the most intricate problems, which the inhabitants of this human anthill have unfortunately become accustomed to create for ourselves?

What would our dear readers think of man who could know the exact date and time when anybody was to die, and who could equally tell you, in a matter of seconds, what was happening in Mongolia, the South Pole, or in any far away place of this mass, which is incessantly turning around the sun?

What name could such a living enigma be given, who eradicated any egotism from himself and who not only conquered his individuality, in the deepest sense, but also achieved super-individuality, becoming an Elohim in flesh, who was able to speak the golden language, which only those can speak who are eternally bathed in grace of the Holy Spirit?

Such beings, materialised in human forms, know the past and the future and can synthesise it in an eternal present, which they read with the same incredible normality as we would read the newspapers in any country.

Again we ask ourselves, what kind of gigantic spirit was active within the bone frame that so patiently underwent all kinds of trials and settled down in Mexico F.D., among one of the richest anthropological cultures, in order to connect from there the people of the East and the West by means of a gospel that is mystical, philosophical and scientific and to  extract from such most important fusion the synthesis of the message that brings back to life all the truths hidden among the countless legends, traditions, rites, ceremonies and floklore of all latitudes, vibrating with the notes of a lost knowledge that had nourished the men and women of the times before the forbidden fruit had been eaten by the tri-centered biped known today as homo sapiens.

This super-normal man, who is studied in this work, will probably be held as a charlatan by all those who, incarcerated in their own fanatical blindness, choose to restrict themselves to literal interpretation of the sacred texts, forgetting the vivifying spirit that remains occult under the full stops and comas.

It is easy to imagine the doctorates charging against him with their scientifistic jargon, because his words lash with the whip of revolutionary dialectics the idols of clay that are the foundation of multitude of religious, philosophic or scientific dogmas.  Without doubt, in a world like the one today, it is easier to worship that which is insubstantial, even though this is to the cost of humiliation, desolation and confusion among the crazed, miserable masses of what modern sociologists regard as progressive societies.

Without any doubt, SAMAEL AUN WEOR has surpassed in 4,000 or 5,000 years the thinking of our gloomy days, when showing with his word and without any sort of taboo, the narrow and scientific Path of sexual regeneration that allows all human beings, without distinction, not only to be reconciled with the divinity but also to recover and develop the whole range of  possibilities that underlie in the MICRO-COSM MAN.

Therefore, one cannot be surprised whenever «the rancid intellectuals» criticize the pages written by SAMAEL AUN WEOR and qualify them as «incomprehensible» and «absurd», for it was a long time ago that the «educated sirs» divorced the pristine principles of the authentic «Philosophy» in which underlay the eternal search for the Being, for that which is REAL, for that which is really OBJECTIVE, transcendental, that is to say, for the ABSOLUTE.

If you, dear reader, have read anything about the achievements of ALBERT THE GREAT, FAUST, APPOLONIUS OF TYANA, HERMES TRISMEGISTUS, ZOROASTER, JESUS -the Christ- , you will not be surprised when in the next pages we describe some unusual events that took place in the life of this SUPERMAN and in the life of those who had the undeserved chance to meet him, share with him, and receive from him - like an inexhaustible fountain- 

a knowledge that will always breathe HAPPINESS, COMPREHENSION, and SOLUTIONS to the problems that trouble men and people; a knowledge that, above all, grants the keys to leave, through voluntary sufferings and conscious sacrifices, this prison which we call "TO EXIST".

And why is it a prison to exist? Because as long as we remain at the mercy of the circumstances, we will not be the masters of anything. That is to say, things always happen to us as when it rains or thunders. Each situation is nothing more than the fatal result of a cause whose traces may even come from other epochs, places and circumstances.

We live but we are dead, that is to say, we are living without really understanding the reason why we had to be born in the nation where we were born, why we are the son or daughter of our parents, why we have these or those friends; and in this way, billions and billions of events that happen to us along this film that we call LIFE.

When we are sick, for example, automatically we think that it comes from a lack of vitamins, low level of biological defences, hereditary factors, environmental pollution, etc., etc.; however, the secret cause of all our sufferings and difficult situations should be sought in the depths of our own Consciousness. It is here, where the Gnostic Teaching of this Self-Realised man shows its true vigour and dimension, and extends over the common man like the shade of a leafy tree in the middle of a great desert.

To awaken, yes. To awaken the faculty TO TOTALLY GRASP our whole inner world, and to fuse it with the outer world intelligently, constitutes what is called TO KNOW HOW TO LIVE with a profound knowledge of cause in all the domains of our existence. This AWAKENING is the final goal of the SAMAELIAN GNOSIS.

A popular proverb says «GREAT MALADIES REQUIRE GREAT REMEDIES»; and certainly, according to all contemporary analysts, the human society is seriously sick. Many archaic texts affirm that every time the human race is confused, a bearer of light, a messenger or clarifier and legitimate restorer of the principles that are to re-connect the multitude with its divine origin, is sent from above.

Have you heard of AVATARS, ENVOYS, etc., etc.? Nowadays, unfortunately, in the big market of souls there are many who claim to be Envoys, Messiahs, Enlightened Reincarnations, etc; however, their works do not agree with their messages, and what is worse, they are dragging the unconscious human masses into a fanaticism of such an extent that in some cases has led their faithful followers to their death. It is enough to remember, for example, the tragic death of the followers of Jim Jones in the South American Guyana. Hundreds of people were forced to drink poison with the excuse of «not surrendering» to the threat of the «devil», as they called the Congress of the United States of America.

The situation in many places in the Middle East is also frightful and terrible. For a long time ago there have been bloody wars in such latitudes, not only because of economic or political concepts, but, and this is most shameful, for religious reasons. These false «savers», based on the literal and blind interpretation of religious texts, take their followers to hunger, misery, desolation and death.

And those who do not do it with guns and missiles, do it trading with the faith of their believers. Since 1960, numerous «Masters», «Swamis», «Yogis» and «Mahatmas» have sprouted like weeds; and from that moment, the West has undergone great social misfortunes due to the frauds, orgies, and traffic of drugs and persons carried out by those false gurus of our 20th century.

Maybe at this moment, the reader of these pages has already wondered: Might all this be product of another sect, like the thousands that nowadays appear everywhere? In such case, we beg the reader to allow us TO CLARIFY some interesting points:

On one occasion, V.M. SAMAEL AUN WEOR was asked the following question:

 «It is said that you are the "Buddha Maitreya, Kalki Avatar of the New Age of Aquarius". This is written in all your books; however, we do not know really what it means. We ask you, Venerable Master, to answer this question clearly».

Then he answered:

«I am be pleased to answer this question:

"KALKI AVATAR" is, certainly, the Avatar for the Kali Yuga, in the Age of Aquarius. The word "AVATAR" means "MESSENGER". Unquestionably, a "Messenger" is "whoever delivers a message"; and as I am doing that work, to deliver a message, I am called “Messenger”, "Avatar" in Sanskrit.»

A messenger or Avatar is, in the most complete sense of the word, a "postman", the man who delivers a message, a servant of the Great Work of the Father. I do not want this word to lead into confusion; now it is clearly explained.

Therefore, my dear brethren, the word "Avatar" never must take us to pride, because it only means that, and nothing else than that. An emissary, a servant, a messenger who delivers a message, and that is all.

Regarding the term "BUDDHA MAITREYA", it has to be analyzed a little bit, in order not to make mistakes. The INNER BUDDHA is the INNER REAL BEING of each one of us. Whenever the Innermost or Inner Real Being of somebody has attained its own intimate Self-Realization is declared a "BUDDHA".

The term "MAITREYA" is individual and collective. From the individual point of view, it represents a Master called "MAITREYA"; but from the collective point of view, the term "Buddha Maitreya" refers, in the most complete meaning of the word, to any Initiate who has attained the CHRISTIFICATION, and that's all!».

In the work «THE MESSAGE OF AQUARIUS» by V.M. Samael, we can find an explanation about the Buddha Maitreya connected with the prophecies about his coming that are made in Saint John's Book of Revelation. We notice that in this work «THE MESSAGE OF AQUARIUS», V.M. Samael unveils all the secret and symbolic content of the Book of Revelation by John the apostle. Let's examine what it says:

«And after these things I heard a great voice of much people in heaven, saying, Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God. (Revelation 19:1).

For true and righteous are his judgements; for he hath judged the great whore [humankind] , which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants [the Initiates]  at her hand. (Revelation 19:2).

And again they said, Alleluia. And her smoke rose up for ever and ever. (Revelation 19:3).

And the four and twenty elders [from the zodiac] and the four beasts [of sexual alchemy]  fell down and worshipped God [the Truth] that sat on the [internal]  throne, saying, Amen; Alleluia! (Revelation 19:4).

And a voice came out of the throne [which we have within the depths of our Being], saying, Praise our [internal]  God, all ye his servants, and ye that fear him, both small and great! (Revelation 19:5).

And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters [the seminal waters], and as the voice of mighty thunderings [the voice of the Gods], saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth [whom we carry within] (Revelation 19:6).

Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife [the soul] hath made herself ready. (Revelation 19:7).

And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen [the robe of the Masters], clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. (Revelation 19:8).

And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they who are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb, and he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God. (Revelation 19:9).

And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not:

I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God [who is your internal God]: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of the prophesy. (Revelation 19:10).

And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him [the fifth of the seven] was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. (Revelation 19:11).

He who is writing this book gives testimony of this prophecy, because he is the servant bodhisattva of the Fifth of the Seven.

The Son speaks the word of the Father and gives testimony of the Father. The Father is one with the Son, the Son is one with the Father.

The Son feels that he is unworthy to undo the laces of the Father's sandals. Only the Father is perfect.

The Father is glorified in the Son and the Son is glorified in the Father.

The Maitreya Buddha Samael is the Kalki Avatar of the New Age, the horseman of the white horse. Nevertheless, his son, the poor servant who writes this «Message Of Aquarius», really, does not even feel worthy of kissing the sacred feet of the Father.

Therefore, the Buddha Maitreya gloriously shines, but his son kneels before him.

His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. (Revelation 19:12) [Because this name is written with characters of the language of Light.]

And he was clothed in a vesture dipped in blood [because of the battles against the Black Lodge within the supra-sensible worlds]; and his name is called THE WORD OF GOD. (Revelation 19:13). [The Avatar of the New Age is a Verb).

And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses [this is the horse cavalry of Nirvana] , clothed in fine linen, white and clean. (Revelation 19:14). [Because they are Masters.]

And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword [in order to wound the demons], that with it [The Word]  he should smite the nations: and he [the Verb]  shall rule them with a rod of iron [within the abyss]: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. (Revelation 19:15). [The tenebrous have fought against this Verb, but this Verb is treading the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of the Almighty God and He threw them into the abyss.]

And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written [on a band with sacred characters], KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. (Revelation 19:16).

The power of the king is not on the forehead. The power of the king is in sex. The sceptre of the sacred kings, the two columns of the temple, and the Cross of the redeemer are made with the wood of the tree of good and evil. This is the tree of knowledge, sex.

Whenever a man and a woman are sexually united, something is created. We become kings and queens, lords of nature, when we receive the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit».

For the benefit of our reader, we convey the meaning of the term MAITREYA from the dictionaries of Easter studies: «The future Buddha that is to appear on the Earth. It is considered to be a Bodhisattva in the Mahayana Buddhism. Buddha prophesied the coming of this future Buddha that would extend the doctrine and would save all humankind. There are images of MAITREYA in the Buddhist temples; and in Japan is called MIROKU».

And it is rather curious that one of V.M. SAMAEL AUN WEOR plans was, has been and will be to spread the synthesis doctrine [GNOSIS] over the five continents in order to unveil for the Oriental and Occidental men all the Hermetic science of self-liberation.

After giving some answers to several questions from a group of students, then Master Samael was asked the following questions:

«Master, you have told us that you are the Avatar, and we have not doubted your words. However, there are some people who claim to be the Avatar of Aquarius. Master, how can you explain that there are people who claim something like this without having an accurate way to check it?»

He answered:

«The smoke will be seen on the day of the burning. Remember that many prophets appeared at the time of Jesus, and all of them claimed to be the "Avatars of Pisces", but only one triumphed; that one was JESUS OF NAZARETH, the Christ.

There were many prophets, many messiahs, in the times of Atlantis, and they claimed to be Avatars and they were worshipped as Avatars; however, only one triumphed at the decisive moment. That one, the only one, was the MANU VAIVASWATA, who led his people to the Central Asia through the earthquakes and floods.

In the same way, my dear brethren, many people will say: "I am the Avatar", but the facts will speak for themselves and, finally, it will be known who is really the Avatar. On the day of the Great Burning, the one who will be able to extricate his people from the midst of the fire and the flames, at the crucial and definitive final times of this Aryan Race, that one will be the Avatar; events will speak for themselves... Tree is known for its fruits: such a tree, such a fruit.

In any case, we are here delivering a message: I am the Avatar, even though many people may not believe it; let our Great Army get ready. That is all».

After reading these previous paragraphs, in which frankness is mixed with truthfulness, a set of questions will have come up surely in the mind of the patient reader; for example, what is the universal fire? Why does Gnosis and Master Samael mix Buddhism with Christianity? What is this revolutionary message about, which is brought by the Master as an Avatar?...

Let us once again begin presenting the answer that the Master himself gave when he was asked about this point:

«Question: What is this Message about, which you have come to deliver to humanity?

Answer: Certainly, it is a specific Message for the New Age of Aquarius. IT IS A COMPLETELY REVOLUTIONARY MESSAGE, very different from what has been taught in the past centuries, and nevertheless, necessary for the New Age that at this moment begins  with the august thundering of thought.

Unlike the ancient zodiacal cycles, this cycle of Aquarius takes us to very profound reflections.

The Scriptures of all times have talked about a GREAT CATACLYSM that is approaching; and this is not ignored by those who have studied the Bible deeply. The "Genesis" of Moses mentions the "Universal Flood", and in the "Book of Revelation", St. John talks of the "Burning water of fire and sulphur" - the second death- , that is to say, the Bible begins with the water and finishes with the fire. Water and fire struggle against humanity, because when a humanity does not perish by the water, it perishes by the fire.  

We already know that the humanity of the old times perished by the water, with the Second Trans-Alpine Catastrophe that changed totally the shape of the continents.

The present humanity will perish by the fire and earthquakes, so it is written. Whoever has investigated the Secret Doctrine of Anahuac can acquire evidence of this.

Many Prophets have told us the same. Let us remember Mohamed, let us remember the "Prophetic Sermon" of Jeshuá Ben Pandirá -Jesus of Nazareth-, the prophecies of the Mayans, etc., etc., etc.

The Final Cataclysm is not far... We can assure that we are near the end, although this may seem incredible...

It also seemed incredible to the inhabitants of Atlantis. They never accepted to be at the doors of the submersion of that continent, when the MANU VAIVASWATA -the Biblical NOAH- spoke to them about the Great Catastrophe that was approaching.

People laughed at him, and said: "This man is crazy"; and on the eve of the Great Tragedy "they ate, they drank, they married and were given in marriage", as the Holy Scriptures say; and the next day they were corpses. It happens the same by these times in which people eat, sleep, enjoy, they degenerate more and more, and soon they will be corpses.

There will be a fire that nobody will be able to extinguish... The day of the Great Fire is near; a dreadful catastrophe is coming; the earthquakes are intensifying from instant to instant, from moment to moment. We should take into account that the fire within the Earth is in movement.

There are in the Atlantic, and especially in the Pacific, very deep cracks -the deepest are in the Pacific- and the water is in contact with the fire of the Earth through those cracks. Then, it is clear that strong steams and pressures are taking place within the interior of the Globe, and such pressures and steams originate earthquakes.

As long as such pressures and steams keep growing, the earthquakes will intensify, and the day will come when nobody will be able to live in peace and quiet. The big cities will fall down like castles made of playing-cards, turned to dust and destroyed. This is the harsh reality of the facts...

Just as in the days of Noah -the Manu VAIVASWATA- there was a select people, that is, a WORLDWIDE SALVATION ARMY, who listened to the teachings of that Manu Avatar, and was saved from the waters and was able to leave the continent before it sank forever, and reach the heart of Asia; in the same way we are forming now an Army, and it is obvious that I am the responsible for it.

At the right moment in time there will be a NEW EXODUS; these people, this Worldwide Salvation Army, will be formed by the select ones, by those who will have listened to the message that we are delivering to Humankind. And it is obvious that such people, such Army will be saved secretly. This is exactly the goal of my task; that is exactly the mission I have been assigned.

To listen to the message and to live it is the most suitable task for whoever wishes to be saved.

For the better comprehension of the reader, and in order to be more specific about the characteristics of the Gnostic message, we quote now in these pages another question made to Master Samael:

«Question: It is said that your Message is a real Body of Doctrine. It is logical that being so complete a Teaching, it contains all the parts of a Body of Doctrine. But, is that Body of Doctrine the same one of Moses, Jesus, etc., or is there some difference?

Answer: THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF THE GREAT UNIVERSAL WISDOM ARE ALWAYS IDENTICAL. All of Buddha, Hermes Trismegistus, Quetzalcoatl or Jesus of Nazareth, the Great Kabir, etc., delivered a Message. Each message contains in itself the same Cosmic Principles of an impersonal and universal type.

The Body of Doctrine that we are delivering now is revolutionary in the most complete meaning of the word, but it contains the same Principles that Buddha taught in secret to his disciples, or the same principles that the Great Kabir delivered in secret to his disciples; it is the same Body of Doctrine, but presented in a revolutionary way according to the NEW AGE that is coming.

When I say, "THE NEW AGE THAT IS COMING", I am not talking about the Age of Aquarius which already has started. When I say, "the New Age that is coming", I talk about the future Golden Age; because the Worldwide Salvation Army that we are preparing now has to receive the teachings that will be given in the future Golden Age.

Such a future Golden Age will start after the Great Cataclysm that is going to happen in this Age of the Water Bearer, which is already beginning.

Therefore, whoever receives these teachings is getting ready not only for the Age of Aquarius but also for the future Golden Age.

This Body of Doctrine is in itself clear, specific and precise. It is based on the THREE FACTORS OF THE REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS: to Be Born, to Die and to Sacrifice ourselves for Humanity.

It is clear that we must BE BORN, that is to say, reach the SECOND BIRTH. TO DIE is to eliminate all the Ego that we carry within so that our Essence, our Spirit, is left pure, perfect, immaculate within us. TO SACRIFICE OURSELVES FOR HUMANITY is Love; to be always willing to give the last drop of blood for Humankind.

I repeat, the Body of Doctrine is based on the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness. We are giving a set of clear and precise teachings for the New Age, ordered in a didactic and a dialectic way. Therefore, my dear brethren, we are developing the teaching in a complete and correct way so that everybody can assimilate it.

The goal is that all the brethren, our disciples, the students, those who are walking the Path to the Final Liberation, those who are forming the Worldwide Salvation Army, not only study our books -that is not enough- , but meditate on them, understand each phrase and finally get their own experience of the teachings, live them, and achieve Self-Realization as well.  That is precisely the purpose of the Body of Doctrine: to be a tool, directions for the Self-Realization».

It is good for the reader to know that the work of Master Samael was delivered in a gradual, progressive way, that is to say, in octaves that go from most inferior to most superior ones.

He called the inferior octaves «GNOSTIC KINDERGARTEN». The middle octaves were called «CHRISTMAS MESSAGES», which began to be delivered in the fifties and finished in the beginning of the seventies. And he gave special titles to the superior octaves, such as «YES THERE IS HELL, THERE IS DEVIL, THERE IS KARMA», «THE MYSTERY OF THE GOLDEN BLOSSOMMING», «THE THREE MOUNTAINS», «REVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY», etc., etc. These superior octaves culminated with his posthumous work: «THE PISTIS SOPHIA UNVEILED» which is considered by some exegetes as the Magnus Opus of the Gnostics of all times.

As the teaching was increasing its level, an increase in the Spiritual level of V.M SAMAEL was also noticeable.

So, this contemporary sage did not have any problem at all in establishing quickly the solid bases of the Gnostic teaching. The broad set of fields encompassed by the contemporary Gnosis is a consequence of the power of penetration that the LIBERATED CONSCIOUSNESS of this great BEING had and continues to have.

We should not forget that the CONSCIOUSNESS is the vehicle of information about the authentic truths related to the spirit, to nature or to man.

Obviously, when we study the Gnostic works we can realize that the labour of V.M. Samael was not just to inform about the subjects related to the deepest and most crystalline esotericism; there are also implicit in his work many other things which are beyond our limited vision.

We understood this more clearly when we listened to his speech one night, in the most advanced chamber of these studies that he personally directed - called Third Chamber- , and where he spoke of the future projection of this teaching. For the benefit of our reader we transcribe here textually that wonderful speech:

«The spiritual longings of this 20th century began certainly with the Master HELENA PETROVNA BLAVATSKY. I do not mean that there had not existed other esoteric schools in the previous centuries; what I point out is that the contemporary esoteric longings began with the work initiated by this Master.

She was really in the SHANGRI-LA, and her Master was the great Master KOUT-HUMI. When she was young she married the old count Blavatsky, with whom she had no marital life; she only remained with him for a few months travelling with him through Egypt, India and Tibet, because at that time it was not good for a woman to travel alone. It was during those trips that she met her Master.

Did she have extraordinary powers? Yes it is true! Was she in spiritual and personal contact with the Masters of Tibet? Yes it is certain! She wrote remarkable works such as "The Secret Doctrine", "Isis Unveiled", "The Voice of Silence", etc. She indeed had to endure tough sufferings because of the very difficult mission assigned to her: TO CONVINCE SKEPTIC PEOPLE, whom she gave proofs of her remarkable psychic powers.

She was the reason why the Englishman Mr. SINET and Master KOUTHUMI started their important correspondence. On one occasion, to the request of the Englishman, Master Kouthumi answered: "Are you sure that you would not lose your interest in my correspondence if you saw me personally?”

This is the wisdom of the Masters! I tell you that if you met the Master Hilarion, or Moria, or the Count Saint Germain; if they came to live here with us, in our environment, the first days you would not leave those houses; the five millions of pseudo-occultists, spiritualists and sympathizers, would do their best to meet the Masters. But later, who knows, they might even give them the cold shoulder!

There are millions of sympathizers of these studies, but at the time of the test, when they have to define themselves, in truth, between the TO BE or NOT TO BE of philosophy, all of them see this thing so serious that they run away terrified, not a single one stays. Most people research these studies as a diversion, as they might go to the bull-fights or to the cinema.

Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky had to undergo many humiliations and cruelties, in spite of the fact that she did many prodigies and wonders -showing her powers- to convince the incredulous ones. That was her mission, and it was very hard because when you have convinced ten incredulous people, then one thousand more appear; and when you have convinced one thousand, then ten thousand appear; so, when are we going to finish convincing the incredulous?

We are fulfilling a momentous mission: to deliver the message to humanity. And in our specific case, we will never try to convince the incredulous people;

we will be dedicated exclusively to give form to the Worldwide Salvation Army, and to work in accord with the Conscious Circle of the Solar Humanity in their plans for a new civilization and a new culture.

Although we have been working on this task for thirty five years, I consider that we are in the beginning. There are about five million Gnostic people studying our doctrine, who are spread all over the world. But even so, I still consider that we are in the beginning of this great work.

The message we must deliver is divided in three parts: the first part is the Kinder; the second part is the superior teaching contained in the Christmas Messages of each year; and there is a third part that is more transcendental.

I shall not try to convince the incredulous; I shall not waste my time with such things. Whoever wants to accept this doctrine, can accept it; whoever wants to reject it, can reject it; everyone can understand it with their own minds as they wish. Whoever wants to believe, can believe; whoever does not want to believe, does not have to
believe. We do not mind it.

Obviously, we can not hope that the ANTICHRIST of the FALSE SCIENCE be interested in this doctrine. We know them very well; we know that its followers are full of pride; they believe that they know it all. It is for sure that they will throw their attacks and their defamatory drivel against us, but we do not mind it.

It will not happen to us what happened to Madame Blavatsky, who was killed with so many calumnies, who died of sadness. She is called for that reason "the great martyr of the 19th century". We are not going to suffer with the calumnies of people. "Praise does not make me better and criticism does not make me worse, for I am always what I am". We do not mind whether they criticize us or not. We are only interested in one thing: TO DELIVER THE MESSAGE, and that is all!»

We talk in this way supported by experience. We could give many demonstrations, but it would be useless. It is a great mistake to convince incredulous people. That was indeed what killed Madame Blavatsky. It is clear that such a woman is exquisitely sensitive, and when she was attacked publicly so hard, when she was humiliated and calumniated, then she became ill and died.

We know what humankind is like. We know that slight smile of the incredulous people. And as we already said before; if we convince ten thousand sceptics today, there will come a million tomorrow and we would never finish with such an absurd task.

In this sense we are more practical: we teach the KEYS so that everyone can convince themselves. If somebody wants to be convinced, he will have to experiment in his own skin, but not in our skin.

We teach, for example, how to travel in astral body so that everyone can know by themselves. We teach the system to enter with the physical body into the Fourth Dimension, so that everyone can travel with their own bodies of flesh and blood, in order to experience the things of the Ultra-dimensions. So, whoever wants to see, hear and touch the great realities of superior worlds, will have to make the effort of working on himself.

We deliver the secrets of the GREAT ARCANUM and the DOCTRINE written in many books that already are in many places of the planet Earth. We are carrying out the work that the Conscious Circle of the Solar Humanity entrusted to us: to form the GNOSTIC MOVEMENT; and this movement will be more and more powerful. There are many people, thousands of people, who are currently studying our books, and there will be many more in the future.

We have launched a great campaign of publicity in all Latin America, United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia; we have sent missionaries in all directions who are giving lectures in universities, cultural associations, radio, television, homes, etc., and they are opening schools where the great mysteries and the scientific aspects of the infinite Cosmos are studied.

We want to create the Worldwide Salvation Army. Shall we come across reactionary people? It is true! You know that there are many schools of pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist type, which still continue faithful to the theories of past times and they do not accept anything new at all. We must leave them with their old fashioned and rancid plans.

We are revolutionary people, and the reactionary people will not be able to stop us. Our teachings are for the ones who accept the REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS.

We need the elimination or disintegration of the EGO; we need that the psychic aggregates to disappear totally in order for us to be free from error and pain. Because, really, the only thing that the intellectual animal mistakenly called man possesses, the most decent thing, is the ESSENCE, the psychic material, which is a fraction of the HUMAN SOUL - the Superior Manas of Theosophy- . Therefore, the humanoid does not possess Soul yet. 

In any case, the most important thing in the life of the human being is to become a real man, a CHAMBERÓN -that is, a Sage or Saint- in the most complete sense of the word. It is clear that in order to be a Sage and a Saint it is necessary to die in oneself, because otherwise it is impossible to become a Chamberón.

The immortal triad, ATMAN-BUDDHI-MANAS, is mentioned in many sacred texts, but who has incarnated it? In fact it was necessary that in the past many Initiates did not teach the whole truth. They had to speak in those terms in order to awake the interest of the public.

Perhaps if they had explained that the human being has not incarnated his HUMAN SOUL yet, that the human being only has a fraction of SOUL and which is trapped within the EGO; perhaps, people would have rejected this truth.

Dr. RUDOLF STEINER, in 1912, prophesied that "a superior teaching would come", and obviously, that is already happening. First, it was necessary to prepare the environment, and now it is already prepared. Only in this way can a superior teaching be delivered to humanity...

We know that the Essence is a fraction of Soul, but with this fraction we can elaborate what the Tao calls «THE GOLDEN EMBRYO». This Golden Embryo comes to establish inside us a perfect balance between the material and spiritual aspects. But it is not possible to elaborate such an Embryo if we have not before freed the Essence that is bottled up within the Ego, the «I», the Myself. When the Ego is disintegrated, then the Essence or Buddhata is transformed into the Golden Embryo.

Only the person is conscious, who possesses the GOLDEN EMBRYO. Whoever is able to elaborate the wonderful GOLDEN EMBRYO within himself will awaken in all regions or worlds of the Space, and will incarnate his immortal Triad. Without any doubt, whoever reaches that aim becomes a LEGITIMATE MAN, an ADEPT OF THE CONSCIOUS CIRCLE OF THE SOLAR HUMANITY. That‘s all!».

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